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Portrait No 28 – Dan, Writer

Dan is the second writer I’ve met for Fifty Portraits and there couldn’t be more of a contrast between him and Simon who is Portrait No 17. Simon works in the way I always imagined a writer to work, in a room completely surrounded by books and although he works on a computer he also uses a notebook and pen to jot down ideas. By way of a contrast Dan currently works on a laptop, either at the kitchen table or on the sofa (although this will change when his office space is ready) and there wasn’t a book, pen or notepad in sight !

I got to meet Dan at what seems like a really exciting point in his new career with lots of exciting things about to happen. Dan has been writing for a long time purely for pleasure but late last year decided to take the brave step of leaving employment and launching his own business as a freelance copywriter. Dan had previously written a screenplay, purely for pleasure, and after having shown it to a number of people and made a few revisions he is now busy working with a producer and will hopefully see his words turned into a film before too long.

Dan’s business is called StoryInk Creative and you can find his website here and you can follow him on Twitter as @dan_hanks.

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Portrait No 17 – Simon, writer

For various reasons I’ve had a bit of break from shooting for Fifty Portraits, mostly because I haven’t had time but there’s been a couple of other things getting in the way too ! I’ve missed it, it’s good to back and its good to have a male volunteer for a change. The women have been far outnumbering the men so far but I do have a number of male volunteers lined up courtesy of Suzanne (Portrait No 13).


Surprisingly Simon is the second person in the project that was a scientist prior to pursuing his dream to become a writer and it was interesting to hear him talk about his scientific research and realise that many of the skills needed by a writer are exactly the same, it sounds like such a massive career change but there are in reality lots of similarities.

Simon writes copy for websites and blogs with SEO in mind and that’s were all the research comes in, I love his way of working seeming all high tech with his two computer screens (one for the research, one for the writing) but then also using a beautiful leather bound notebook and a fountain pen !


As well as writing articles for websites and other purposes Simon is following what must be every writer’s dream and is in the very early stages of writing a novel, he didn’t give away much of the plot but sounds like it will be great.


Unfortunately Simon is too busy writing for other people’s websites and doesn’t yet have his own but can be found on Twitter as @simladd.

And I almost forgot to mention that Simon’s wife Joy has also made an appearance as Portrait No 9 !

(All images ©J Broughton Photography