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Portrait No 24 – Janine, Vintage furniture restorer

I loved Janine’s response when I asked how she came to start her business, “I don’t know really, it just sort of evolved” and isn’t that just a great way to do things ! Janine had been restoring old furniture for herself in a lovely shabby vintage style and friends loved them so much they started to ask her to restore items for them, she was made redundant and everything just fell into place. And although he describes herself as a vintage furniture restorer she actually does so much more, she has an eye for unusual items and a flair for crafting and also offers bespoke venue styling for weddings and does it very beautifully !

Janine has studio at home that I just loved, slight chaotic as creative people often are but full of interesting bits & bobs !

Janine’s business is Love Cottage Vintage Creations and she is often found at vintage fairs, you can keep up with her via her Facebook page by clicking here.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


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Portrait No 20 – Victoria, interior designer and furniture boutique owner

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Victoria who is the first of a few people that are very local to me. Much as I enjoy travelling around and love that this project has taken me to lots of different places its great to have a few people that are virtually on my doorstep – especially when we keep getting snow forecast, I can walk to quite a few of my upcoming volunteers !

I got to meet Victoria in just her second week of full time self employment, having successfully started Little France Boutique whilst she was employed full time Victoria had taken the plunge and left her job at Christmas to concentrate fully on her business which had grown from a passion for all things interior design related.

As well as interior design Victoria loving upcycles furniture and makes cushions from the most beautiful fabrics.

You can visit the Little France Boutique website and see all Victoria’s latest creations by clicking here and the Facebook page is here.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography

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Portrait No 16 – Julie, cafe owner


Not only did I recently have the pleasure of meeting Julie on my recent trip to Bollington but I was also lucky enough to sample her home made scones fresh from the oven, still warm and absolutely delicious !

Julie has a passion for cooking and baking that goes back to being a small child and cooking with her Mum and Grandma. She was experimenting with cake recipes as young as seven, although she did warn me that ovaltine doesn’t make a suitable substitute for cocoa in a chocolate cake ! She bought the café almost on a whim after deciding to leave a career she was disillusioned with and has made it an amazing welcoming space with books tucked into the backs of the chairs so anyone visiting alone can have a read.

Julie’s café is in Clarence Mill in Bollington and has a wonderfully warm and welcoming atmosphere as well as an art wall the changes every few weeks. You can find the café on Facebook here.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


Portrait No 12 – Emma, trader of antique & vintage treasures

It’s been a busy couple of weeks (with a lovely relaxing Easter break in the middle) so its taken me a little longer than expected to find time to blog the third of my three subjects from my little road trip the other week.

On my way back home from Cumbria I made a little detour into Lancaster to meet the very lovely – but unbelievably camera shy Emma. I have photographed lots of people that haven’t been too keen on being in front of the camera, but Emma was definitely the most reluctant and I think this image sums her up – happy to be hidden !!

Emma’s love of antiques & vintage goodies runs in the family, inherited from her Mum who she used to help on her stall on Portobello Road as a small child and now passed on to her own daughter who helps in the business when she can and also collects herself. Emma runs her business from her home which is an amazing treasure trove of beautiful items, there’s something gorgeous to be seen wherever you look and many of the items are likely to be sold and replaced, its an ever changing home. Just like the other vintage traders I’ve met for this project Emma didn’t have much choice about having a business, the only way to keep buying things she loved was to sell some of them !

Emma’s website is and you can also keep up with going’s on at Lavender House via her Facebook Page and I’m sure everyone will agree that she’s very lovely and really has no need to hide from the camera !

(All images ©J Broughton Photography

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An Award Winner !

Anyone who follows my Facebook Page or keeps an eye on my website will know that from time to time I enter the Image of the Month awards with the Guild of Photographers. It’s something I do for my own self development rather than for competitive reasons although it did lead to me being awarded the Image of the Year for 2013, no mean feat with almost 10,000 entries !! (You can find out all about that here.)

Anyway, I digress !! I decided it would be good to enter something from Fifty Portraits and in particular something a little different from my normal entries so I decided to enter this portrait of Andrew who was Number 2 :


And I’m very pleased to say that it won an award which I suppose makes Fifty Portraits an award winning project !!

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Portrait No 8 – Jane, trader of vintage collectables

Jane was the second lovely lady I got to photograph on my coffee and cake filled trip to Cheshire this week. She showed me her room filled with vintage items, some that were passing through and others that she treasured to much to sell, amongst them a Pilkington pottery vase that sparked her love of buying vintage. As you can see at this point Herb the dog was very keen to be a part of the project !

Jane’s passion for buying vintage items meant that she really had no choice but to start a business, the only way she could carry on buying and not run out of space was to also start selling some of treasures she had found !

I love the way Jane describes the appeal of buying and selling vintage items, she finds it an escape from part time employment and a busy home life and its appeal is in the fact that it actually serves no practical purpose but is purely about the beauty of the items and the pleasure that ownership brings.

Jane sells her vintage treasures at various events in Cheshire, you can keep up with where she will be and what lovely items she will have by following her Pearlie Queen Collectables page on Facebook.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography

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Portrait No 7 – Heidi, tiara and vintage brooch bouquet maker

I had a very lovely day yesterday when I headed down to Cheshire to photograph a couple of friends who had kindly volunteered for the project.

First up is Heidi who makes the most amazing wedding bouquets from vintage brooches along with a range of gorgeous tiaras from a wonderful workspace in her attic which is flooded with sunlight and has fantastic views. If it was my office I don’t think I’d get any work done, I’m sure I’d be too busy just gazing out of the window !



Heidi developed a love of wire working after studying for a Fine Art degree and decided to turn her hobby into a business so that she could leave the stresses of a job. She loves the fact that she is making something that plays a major part in what is the happiest and most important day of their life and that instead of having to deal with stress she now deals with happy people !


You can see Heidi’s glorious products on her website and keep up with which wedding fairs you can find her at via her Facebook Page.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography