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Portrait No 32 – Jacqueline, Holistic Healer and Spiritual Artist

As you will already know this project is all about people that have turned a hobby or passion into a career. For Jacqueline her business is much more than a passion, its a spiritual journey that she feels is only at the beginning. She’s very open to where that journey may lead her and she brims with passion and enthusiasm when she talks about the varied but interlinked strands of her business.

As well being a recently qualified Reiki Master Jacqueline offers various forms of holistic therapy, including aromatherapy and crystal healing, from her studio in a lovely old building in Rossendale and is soon to be offering meditation classes. As if all that doesn’t keep her busy enough she is also a talented spiritual artist. As well as paintings she showed me some beautiful works in textile.

Although Jacqueline’s business seems to consist of quite diverse strands they are all underpinned and connected by her strong spiritual beliefs and I can’t wait to see where her journey will take her !

Jacqueline’s business is Semple Angelic – her website can be found here and she can be found on Twitter as @Sempleangelic.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography



Portrait No 30 – Ben, Film Maker

I was really quite amazed when I went to meet Ben at the studio of Sitcom Soldiers, Ben is part of a team of six who make up Sitcom Soldiers and they work from a fantastic studio in Bolton. The studio is within a large industrial unit and when they moved in last year they taught themselves all sorts of new skills and made it a really great space. What really amazed me though what happens at the Sitcom Soldiers studios, from the outside of the building it looks like any other industrial unit and yet bands come from all over the world to film music videos here !

Ben is also in a band, The Arcadia Verses, and it was his love of music that lead him to film making. He was inspired after meeting a Hollywood film maker when he was travelling in America with a group of friends in a band and when he returned started making videos for friends. The film making grew and eventually led to the formation of Sitcom Soldiers in 2002.

You can find the Sitcom Soldiers website here and they are on Twitter as @sitcomsoldiers.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography

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Portrait No 28 – Dan, Writer

Dan is the second writer I’ve met for Fifty Portraits and there couldn’t be more of a contrast between him and Simon who is Portrait No 17. Simon works in the way I always imagined a writer to work, in a room completely surrounded by books and although he works on a computer he also uses a notebook and pen to jot down ideas. By way of a contrast Dan currently works on a laptop, either at the kitchen table or on the sofa (although this will change when his office space is ready) and there wasn’t a book, pen or notepad in sight !

I got to meet Dan at what seems like a really exciting point in his new career with lots of exciting things about to happen. Dan has been writing for a long time purely for pleasure but late last year decided to take the brave step of leaving employment and launching his own business as a freelance copywriter. Dan had previously written a screenplay, purely for pleasure, and after having shown it to a number of people and made a few revisions he is now busy working with a producer and will hopefully see his words turned into a film before too long.

Dan’s business is called StoryInk Creative and you can find his website here and you can follow him on Twitter as @dan_hanks.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


Portrait No 27 – Ian, Video colourist & online editor

I never really imagined when I started this project that it would be  about so much more than just taking pictures of people, I often mention that I’ve met so many interesting people (27 of them to be precise!) but I’ve also learned so much from chatting to everyone and hearing about their business and their skills.

Although Ian had told me in a message what he did I had to confess when I arrived that I was still a bit clueless other than it being connected in some way with TV programmes. So he gave me a fascinating demonstration that had lots of interesting parallels to photo editing and also answered a question that I’d wondered about for some time – you know sometimes you can watch a drama on TV and it just stands out as having beautiful rich tones and deep colours, well that’s what a colourist does and now I’ve seen (and photographed) one in action.

Ian’s love of video started at age 14, videoing friends on skateboards and family holidays and it’s been a hobby ever since. As digital technology arrived he also started to experiment with editing and eventually he ended up working at Granada TV. He now has his own company, Impossible Ideas, specialising in online editing and colour grading for TV, advertising and music and corporate videos. His website is and he is also an avid tweeter, you can find him as @ianeditz on Twitter.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography

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Portrait No 19 – Denis, artist & printmaker

I feel very lucky to met with so many fascinating people so far on this project, some I already knew and some I didn’t and I’m so grateful to ones that I didn’t know that happily give up their time, not just to have a photograph taken but also to spend so much time chatting and telling me all about their passion.

Denis was no exception and I was amazed to see the variety of his work, from his more current work exploring text and language, through his experimental led work and some more traditional painting – his studio at Neoartists was packed with such varied work and that wonderful clutter that creatives love !

Denis is also heavily involved in printmaking at Neoartists where they have a fantastic printroom – I have to admit that printmaking is something I knew absolutely nothing about before meeting Denis and I could have spent the whole day listening to him to talk so passionately and hearing all about the different methods and seeing the variety of styles of prints produced.

You can find out more about Denis & his work on the Neoartists website (and he explains it so much better than I can !) by clicking here and you can see a small selection of his work here.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography

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Portrait No 18 – John, photographer

Well sooner or later there had to be a photographer ! I’d decided that I would only use a photographer I didn’t know (mainly so I didn’t cause offence, I have so many photographer friends that I couldn’t possibly include one of them without upsetting someone) and also that I wouldn’t directly approach a photographer and ask them to take part, I wanted the selection to be as random as possible. John’s a local photographer that I’ve been connected with on social media for a little while and his volunteering last week gave me the opportunity to meet him in real life too.

Photographing a photographer brings a unique challenge for me, I’m really not a fan of photographer’s profile pictures with cameras in them, probably because I see too many of them so the challenge was how to create a portrait without including the camera. Chatting to John beforehand I found out that his business revolves around both studio portraits (children & models) and landscapes so I decided I needed to incorporate the landscape and John went a step further and demonstrated his model moves which tied his whole business into the one image !

John has been a keen photographer for many years and I was really impressed that he can trace his love of landscapes and a distinctive style of portraiture back to his childhood. He decided to turn his hobby into a business a few years ago after a long spell of unemployment and he now shoots portraits mainly from his studio in Horwich and loves to head up to the Lakes to photograph landscapes. You can see his work on his website

(All images ©J Broughton Photography

PS – for anyone who cares about equipment I was pleasantly surprised to find that John is a fellow Sony user – there aren’t that many of us around for some reason !!



Portrait No 17 – Simon, writer

For various reasons I’ve had a bit of break from shooting for Fifty Portraits, mostly because I haven’t had time but there’s been a couple of other things getting in the way too ! I’ve missed it, it’s good to back and its good to have a male volunteer for a change. The women have been far outnumbering the men so far but I do have a number of male volunteers lined up courtesy of Suzanne (Portrait No 13).


Surprisingly Simon is the second person in the project that was a scientist prior to pursuing his dream to become a writer and it was interesting to hear him talk about his scientific research and realise that many of the skills needed by a writer are exactly the same, it sounds like such a massive career change but there are in reality lots of similarities.

Simon writes copy for websites and blogs with SEO in mind and that’s were all the research comes in, I love his way of working seeming all high tech with his two computer screens (one for the research, one for the writing) but then also using a beautiful leather bound notebook and a fountain pen !


As well as writing articles for websites and other purposes Simon is following what must be every writer’s dream and is in the very early stages of writing a novel, he didn’t give away much of the plot but sounds like it will be great.


Unfortunately Simon is too busy writing for other people’s websites and doesn’t yet have his own but can be found on Twitter as @simladd.

And I almost forgot to mention that Simon’s wife Joy has also made an appearance as Portrait No 9 !

(All images ©J Broughton Photography