Fifty Portraits

at 50mm, of 50 people like me


Strange but wonderful happenings on the M6 !

I’ve been off on a little road trip for 50 Portraits ! Headed up to Windermere to meet an angel mystic then back to south Cumbria for a lovely overnight stay in a B&B and then called in at a vintage/antique supplier in Lancaster on my way home.

On my way up the M6 the oddest thing happened, so unusual it deserves a post of it’s own !

I set off for Windermere allowing a good twenty minutes longer than I needed, only to be told by the sat nav that the traffic was heavy, and boy was it heavy ! I joined a queue on the M6 that was going nowhere fast, the traffic news said two lanes were closed due to an accident, the sat nav decided I was over two hours from my destination which in reality should now have been around 45 minutes away. Over the next half hour I covered about three miles, never leaving first gear, more stop than go and just a little thankful I was on my own (hubby would have been doing the typical man in a traffic jam thing ie moaning, a lot). The travel news came on again with the same update, two lanes closed, long delays and I decided it was time to let Amanda, the angel mystic, know that I was going to be very delayed. So I sent a quick text whilst I wasn’t moving and a few minutes later came the reply, “Don’t worry I’m in all day – you need to ask the angels for help”.

Now I’m pretty open minded about these things but the thought went through my head that there wasn’t a great deal could be done by an angel ! I glanced to the side only to see a hearse with a coffin covered in flowers on its way up the hard shoulder passing all the traffic, now I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hearse on a motorway and I’ve certainly never seen one passing traffic before and it prompted me try the angels.

I’m not sure of the etiquette for asking angels for help, so I just asked, politely and out loud, could they kindly do something to improve the traffic, even if it was just a little bit. Lo and behold a couple of minutes later everything started to speed up and five minutes after asking I was speeding up the motorway at 70 again !!

So if you passed a grey Astra on the M6 mid afternoon yesterday, driven by a dark haired woman laughing and talking to herself – that was me, happily thanking those angels 🙂