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Portrait No 33 – Rainy, Smallholder and Designer/Maker

Well it’s not everyday I go to meet and photograph someone and end up bottle feeding an orphaned lamb but that’s what happened when I met Rainy this week at her Little Lancashire Smallholding !

Rainy has a wonderful eclectic business that started out as cake making using the eggs from her own chickens. It was a business that allowed her to fit work around her children and be around when they were at home. Over the years the business has evolved into all things craft and smallholding related. Rainy keeps her own chickens, geese and sheep, she gives lessons in chicken keeping and even has chickens boarding with her whilst their owners go away ! She also makes beautiful chunky knitted and crochet items, personalised aluminium jewellery and keyrings and runs various craft based workshops, basically she is woman of many talents !

You can find Rainy’s Little Lancashire Smallholding website here and her jewellery and other items are sold on Not On The High Street.

And just in case you wondered, this is Colonel, the orphaned lamb who is currently thriving !

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


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Portrait No 24 – Janine, Vintage furniture restorer

I loved Janine’s response when I asked how she came to start her business, “I don’t know really, it just sort of evolved” and isn’t that just a great way to do things ! Janine had been restoring old furniture for herself in a lovely shabby vintage style and friends loved them so much they started to ask her to restore items for them, she was made redundant and everything just fell into place. And although he describes herself as a vintage furniture restorer she actually does so much more, she has an eye for unusual items and a flair for crafting and also offers bespoke venue styling for weddings and does it very beautifully !

Janine has studio at home that I just loved, slight chaotic as creative people often are but full of interesting bits & bobs !

Janine’s business is Love Cottage Vintage Creations and she is often found at vintage fairs, you can keep up with her via her Facebook page by clicking here.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography

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Portrait No 20 – Victoria, interior designer and furniture boutique owner

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Victoria who is the first of a few people that are very local to me. Much as I enjoy travelling around and love that this project has taken me to lots of different places its great to have a few people that are virtually on my doorstep – especially when we keep getting snow forecast, I can walk to quite a few of my upcoming volunteers !

I got to meet Victoria in just her second week of full time self employment, having successfully started Little France Boutique whilst she was employed full time Victoria had taken the plunge and left her job at Christmas to concentrate fully on her business which had grown from a passion for all things interior design related.

As well as interior design Victoria loving upcycles furniture and makes cushions from the most beautiful fabrics.

You can visit the Little France Boutique website and see all Victoria’s latest creations by clicking here and the Facebook page is here.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


Portrait No 14 – Debra, mosaic artist

I had a lovely return visit to Bollington last week for the project, I met three wonderful ladies and had a fantastic day which included a bit of mosaic making, delicious home made scones fresh from the oven and an amazingly relaxing neck and shoulder massage !

The first of the three ladies on the blog is Debra and although I describe her as a mosaic artist her creative talents seem to be endless, when I met her she was still on a high from the premiere of a feature length film she had written for Bollington Festival.

Debra isn’t only passionate about creating her own work she is also very passionate about inclusion and shares her skills and passion with the local community, I made my first ever mosaic (albeit small and simple) under her guidance and was also honoured to be the 826th person (but not the last) to place a tile into a mosaic she was making for a local church, various schools and community groups had been involved in the creation of the mosaic.

Having seen the display of Debra’s work in the corridor’s outside her studio I find it amazing that she actually stumbled into mosaic making accidentally. She was teaching various crafts to adults and was often asked to teach mosaic making but initially resisted, eventually she agreed to teach a class which was so successful that the mosaic making spiralled and eventually became the wonderful business that she now has.

Debra’s website is You can find her Facebook page here and she is on Twitter as @CreatvSpcStudio.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


Portrait No 5 – Nancy, Crafter & Quilter

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy who is a passionate crafter working from her home. Her creativity is reflected in her home and when I saw the Audrey Hepburn canvas I just knew that I had to photograph Nancy in front of it !

Nancy is the third person on the project with a textiles degree and makes a whole range of beautifully crafted items from jewellery to rag rugs, doorstops to quilts and lots of things inbetween ! The variety keeps Nancy’s passion for her hobby turned business alive and stops it becoming a chore.
Like everyone I’ve met so far Nancy’s hobby turned into a business so that she could leave an unfulfilling job. She now sells her products at craft fairs and online.


Nancy’s business is called N5nsy’s Craft Boutique and her website is, she can also be found on Facebook with links to her Etsy and Ebay shops.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


Portrait No 4 – Lynn, Extreme Felter and Woollen Creator

This week I got to meet the lovely Lynn and visit another home that was a riot of colour and texture with a hobby that could so easily take over the whole home if given the chance. Lynn really has taken a hobby to its very extremes, she’s not content with buying a few balls of wool and doing a bit of knitting. She buys fleece (straight from the sheep in some cases!) washes and dies it, cards it and then either felts it or spins it so that she can make something woollen.

I was lucky enough to have a fascinating demonstration of Nuno felting and am now the proud owner of a beautiful felted scarf.


Lynn’s business is delightfully named “Art-felt Designs by Nanny Lynn” and she can be found at various craft fairs including Bromley Cross Village Hall on the last Saturday of each month.

Lynn is also now on Facebook and her page can be found here.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


Portrait No 3 – Tricia, Quilter and Fabric Supplier

Its taken me a few days from photographing Tricia to blogging her portrait – I’ve been wrestling with a decision in that time. I’ve been really undecided as to whether this project should be completely in black & white or whether some people would need colour.

I’m still a little undecided and I may well come back and update this post with the black and white versions but for the time being it’s colour. Tricia’s business is after all about colour and texture, her love of quilting and dissatisfaction with her job lead her to start her own business supplying quilting fabrics at craft fairs and to quilters groups. Tricia’s passion is infectious, its hard to listen to her talk about her love of fabrics and textures without stroking the nearest fabric and I found myself getting excited about the patterns even though I wouldn’t have a clue about quilt making !

I’m trying really hard to limit myself to two images per person, so here are my two. I’m sure some people may think the second doesn’t qualify as a portrait but I’m a firm believer in portraits not necessarily needing faces.

Tricia’s business is Tilia Fabric and she can be found on Facebook.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography