Fifty Portraits

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Portrait No 34 – Jane, Pottery Artist

I can’t believe how long I’ve been away! I’ve been so busy with the launch of a new blog and a website for online photography courses that time has run away with me, I got such a shock to log on and see that it’s almost a year since my last post!

Last week I went to visit Jane at her studio, Fired 4U, near Preston. Jane left a career in hotel management 10 years ago to launch a pottery studio and offer adult and children’s pottery decorating parties and workshops.

I just love the walls that are decorated with the handprints of all the children that have had their birthday parties at Fired 4 U, such a great idea.


Even though I already knew that Jane takes commissions for decorated and personalised pottery I was amazed to see how effortless she makes painting look, this beautifully decorated tile took no time at all and she was even chatting away whilst she painted!


You can visit the website and find out more about Fired 4 U here and you can follow Jane on Twitter as @Fired4U.

(All images ©Janet Broughton


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Portrait No 32 – Jacqueline, Holistic Healer and Spiritual Artist

As you will already know this project is all about people that have turned a hobby or passion into a career. For Jacqueline her business is much more than a passion, its a spiritual journey that she feels is only at the beginning. She’s very open to where that journey may lead her and she brims with passion and enthusiasm when she talks about the varied but interlinked strands of her business.

As well being a recently qualified Reiki Master Jacqueline offers various forms of holistic therapy, including aromatherapy and crystal healing, from her studio in a lovely old building in Rossendale and is soon to be offering meditation classes. As if all that doesn’t keep her busy enough she is also a talented spiritual artist. As well as paintings she showed me some beautiful works in textile.

Although Jacqueline’s business seems to consist of quite diverse strands they are all underpinned and connected by her strong spiritual beliefs and I can’t wait to see where her journey will take her !

Jacqueline’s business is Semple Angelic – her website can be found here and she can be found on Twitter as @Sempleangelic.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography

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Portrait No 31- Alexis, Artisan Glass Engraver

Other than having a vague idea of someone’s business to know that they fit the bill for the project I don’t look too deeply into what they actually do, not out of laziness or ignorance but because I much prefer to talk to people and hear about their business first hand and the passion always shines through !

So when I went to meet Alexis I knew that he was a glass engraver but nothing more. In my ignorance I assumed that his work would involve engraving messages on commemorative glassware, Happy 21st etc. but its so much more than that ! His engravings are often miniature works of art, such incredibly detailed images engraved freehand into glass and often purely from his own imagination.

Alexis was made redundant from his career as a dental technician in 2013 and he combined the skills from that career with his passion for art and all things creative and his love of walking to launch his own business “Walking On Glass”. He can often be found at craft fairs around the North West and if you ever see him make sure you have a look at his work, you will definitely be impressed !

You can follow Alexis on Twitter as @GlassForWalkers and his website can be found here.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


Portrait No 21 – Nigel, wildlife artist

Nigel is the second of the batch of volunteers who are very close home, he’s so close I only had to walk around the corner ! Nigel was volunteered by his wife and having seen his work on show locally some time ago I was really looking forwards to meeting him.

I’ve met a few artists during this project and Nigel really stands out, not just because of his very distinctive photo realistic style but also because his work place is amazingly tidy and well organised for a creative person ! 
I was really impressed with how much Nigel is able to do from his purpose built studio in his garden, obviously he paints there and he also scans and produces his own prints but what is really impressive is that he is also able to do a lot of the photography for his paintings from his studio window !

You can see Nigel’s work on his website and it’s well worth a visit !

(All images ©J Broughton Photography

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Portrait No 19 – Denis, artist & printmaker

I feel very lucky to met with so many fascinating people so far on this project, some I already knew and some I didn’t and I’m so grateful to ones that I didn’t know that happily give up their time, not just to have a photograph taken but also to spend so much time chatting and telling me all about their passion.

Denis was no exception and I was amazed to see the variety of his work, from his more current work exploring text and language, through his experimental led work and some more traditional painting – his studio at Neoartists was packed with such varied work and that wonderful clutter that creatives love !

Denis is also heavily involved in printmaking at Neoartists where they have a fantastic printroom – I have to admit that printmaking is something I knew absolutely nothing about before meeting Denis and I could have spent the whole day listening to him to talk so passionately and hearing all about the different methods and seeing the variety of styles of prints produced.

You can find out more about Denis & his work on the Neoartists website (and he explains it so much better than I can !) by clicking here and you can see a small selection of his work here.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


Portrait No 14 – Debra, mosaic artist

I had a lovely return visit to Bollington last week for the project, I met three wonderful ladies and had a fantastic day which included a bit of mosaic making, delicious home made scones fresh from the oven and an amazingly relaxing neck and shoulder massage !

The first of the three ladies on the blog is Debra and although I describe her as a mosaic artist her creative talents seem to be endless, when I met her she was still on a high from the premiere of a feature length film she had written for Bollington Festival.

Debra isn’t only passionate about creating her own work she is also very passionate about inclusion and shares her skills and passion with the local community, I made my first ever mosaic (albeit small and simple) under her guidance and was also honoured to be the 826th person (but not the last) to place a tile into a mosaic she was making for a local church, various schools and community groups had been involved in the creation of the mosaic.

Having seen the display of Debra’s work in the corridor’s outside her studio I find it amazing that she actually stumbled into mosaic making accidentally. She was teaching various crafts to adults and was often asked to teach mosaic making but initially resisted, eventually she agreed to teach a class which was so successful that the mosaic making spiralled and eventually became the wonderful business that she now has.

Debra’s website is You can find her Facebook page here and she is on Twitter as @CreatvSpcStudio.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


Portrait No 13 – Suzanne, artist

I feel a little guilty that anyone needs to be number 13 but I don’t think its unlucky though, in fact it’s quite the opposite, I think the first image has to be one of my favourites so far from the project.

Suzanne told me a fascinating story of how she had researched her family tree and found out that her Great, Great Granddad Edwin Ellis was a very successful marine landscape artist and I love how this image ties Suzanne and her work back to her ancestor (that’s his work on the wall).

Even more interesting is the fact that Edwin Ellis was born into a lace making family, much Suzanne’s work revolves around textiles often with the use of words and text and she’s inspired by the sea.

Once you hear the family history you realise that it was inevitable that Suzanne would become an artist, she has a business that’s evolved from making pieces for friends and family to having work for sale on Etsy and Not On The High Street and has clients worldwide that regularly commission her.

And as if that isn’t enough she also works in schools and produces her own artwork that one day she WILL have a solo exhibition !

You can see more of Suzanne’s work at and the links to her shops are on the website. Her Fine Art work can be found here.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography