Fifty Portraits

at 50mm, of 50 people like me

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Taking a little break

I’ve only just realised how long it is since my last post – I’m long overdue a few words to explain my absence !

At the moment I’m taking a short break from the project as you have probably already realised. There’s two reasons for the break :

1 – I’m busy !

As well as my family and equine portraits which you can find over on my main website I’m busy providing commercial photography services for smaller businesses. Added to that I’ve re launched a personal blog, Definitely Dreaming, and I’m currently busy writing an online photography course for beginners (if you want to be updated on that just sign up for my newsletter here, you’ll get a free mini guide to photo projects too). So with all that going on Fifty Portraits has to take a backseat for the next few weeks, I’m perfectly happy with that since it was always meant to be done at my own pace and never be a burden.

2 – I’m worried !

I love this project, I really do ! I’ve got to meet some really interesting people (33 of them so far) and hear their stories of what they do and how they came to start their business. I’ve learned about so many types of business that I would never have come across and I’ve enjoyed every single minute. So why am I worried ? Because one day it will end, and although fifty seemed like quite a daunting task at the beginning when I didn’t know if anyone would take this seriously and I had no idea how I would persuade so many people to volunteer, at 33 I feel like the end is getting a little too close ! I know 17 will take a little while longer but realistically I could very easily finish long before Christmas. But I don’t want to ! January and February are traditionally my quieter times and I know if I finish this year I’ll miss it so much after Christmas. So its time for a pause and a slow down so that I can still be working on it in the New Year.

If you have volunteered and I haven’t yet photographed you please don’t worry. I’ve got a list of everyone who has been in touch and I will contact you at some point to make arrangements.

If you haven’t volunteered but would like to please send an email to and tell me a little about your business.

I’ll be back soon !



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I’m still here !

I’ve realised with a bit of a shock how long it’s been since my last post and thought I’d better add an update just so everyone knows I’m still here and haven’t abandoned the project ! It’s been a busy summer and autumn, each time I’ve looked in my diary and thought I could book someone in for the following week something has come up and the weeks have just flown by.

This project was always intended to be something that was purely for pleasure and never a burden. It doesn’t have a deadline so I’m not beating myself up about the long break but I have missed it, I’ve missed meeting all these wonderful people and hearing their stories. So I’ll be back in action and hopefully very soon.

If you have already volunteered I will be in touch at some point but feel free to drop me a reminder if you like. If you haven’t volunteered but would like to be one of my Fifty Portraits please drop me a quick message via my website by clicking here, I’m keen to hear from anyone who has been so passionate about a hobby that they have created a business from it no matter how large or small that business is.

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An Award Winner !

Anyone who follows my Facebook Page or keeps an eye on my website will know that from time to time I enter the Image of the Month awards with the Guild of Photographers. It’s something I do for my own self development rather than for competitive reasons although it did lead to me being awarded the Image of the Year for 2013, no mean feat with almost 10,000 entries !! (You can find out all about that here.)

Anyway, I digress !! I decided it would be good to enter something from Fifty Portraits and in particular something a little different from my normal entries so I decided to enter this portrait of Andrew who was Number 2 :


And I’m very pleased to say that it won an award which I suppose makes Fifty Portraits an award winning project !!

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Just a little (hopefully !) delay…

Well last week I was all excited and raring to go with a couple of volunteers ready to be photographed. Unfortunately both ended up not being available and this weeks been a little busy with people booking in for beginners photography training so I haven’t had chance to fit anyone in. So after what seemed like a fantastic start I now feel like I’ve stalled and its a little frustrating, I do expect this to be a long term project but I’m itching to get it underway !

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What a response !

Well its just a few days since I wrote my first post calling for volunteers, I shared that on Facebook and Twitter and with just a couple of days had thirteen willing volunteers with another three on standby that are just a little too far unless I happen to be in the area. I really expected to just have two or three subjects lined up and then be appealing for volunteers again once I’d photographed those – thirteen will keep me going for a good while !

I’ve such an interesting variety of businesses that’s its going to be such a pleasure to shoot and share, there’s a passionate cook with a B&B, a quilter, a baker, an angel mystic, a tiara maker, a vintage trader, a card maker, a community artist and a writer to name a few. Oh and of course there’s a photographer 😉

Next week I’m off to meet and photograph my first volunteer, a lady recommended by a client who has since become a friend. Completely unknown to me she ended being almost on my doorstep, in fact just a five minute walk away. What a small world !

I’m still recruiting volunteers, so please read the previous post and if you fit the bill and would like to take part you can contact me via my business website