Fifty Portraits

at 50mm, of 50 people like me


“Fifty” is an idea that’s been wandering around my head, gradually taking shape, for some time now. In fact probably since early 2012 when I first started my own business and took to social media to promote it. It was like discovering a whole new world, all these people with a hobby (or maybe just something that they are passionate about) that had made a business of some sort from their passion and had taken to social media to promote it, just like me.

So the idea started to form that it would be great to start to photograph some of these people, to what they do and what they are like. They are all bound together by social media and having such a passion for something that they felt compelled to start a business, but how different would they all be ? The idea still felt a little unresolved, I’d discussed with a couple of people who were encouraging, but still didn’t feel like it was a project I was ready to announce to the world and then I came across a competition with a category for images shot on a 50mm lens, described as a much overlooked lens. Well my 50mm is so overlooked that its not left my camera bag for about 2 years and yet I really enjoy using it.

So there it was all at once, the bit that defined the project – “Fifty”

Fifty people, passionate about what they do, all shot at 50mm and all recruited by social media or word of mouth in exactly the same way that they generate business.

Time to go public and start recruiting volunteers !!


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I had to share, it’s such a wonderful concept. I hope you get lots of people who are passionate about their “thing” the way you are about photography xx


  2. I’m confident you will meet some incredible people and they will all certainly be glad they met you! I’m looking forward to following your adventures xx


  3. I’ll be coming here regularly to see how you get on. Sounds like a great project!


  4. Janet – it sounds MARVELLOUS! I so hope I am included!


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