Fifty Portraits

at 50mm, of 50 people like me

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Portrait No 16 – Julie, cafe owner


Not only did I recently have the pleasure of meeting Julie on my recent trip to Bollington but I was also lucky enough to sample her home made scones fresh from the oven, still warm and absolutely delicious !

Julie has a passion for cooking and baking that goes back to being a small child and cooking with her Mum and Grandma. She was experimenting with cake recipes as young as seven, although she did warn me that ovaltine doesn’t make a suitable substitute for cocoa in a chocolate cake ! She bought the café almost on a whim after deciding to leave a career she was disillusioned with and has made it an amazing welcoming space with books tucked into the backs of the chairs so anyone visiting alone can have a read.

Julie’s café is in Clarence Mill in Bollington and has a wonderfully warm and welcoming atmosphere as well as an art wall the changes every few weeks. You can find the café on Facebook here.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


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Portrait No 15 – Tracy, holistic therapist

Tracy is the second of the three lovely ladies I met in Bollington recently. Lots of the people I have met for this project have undergone a fairly dramatic career change but on the surface Tracy’s seems the most drastic, from genetic research scientist to holistic therapist. Once Tracy explains her research and the ethos of her new business you actually realise that there is a very strong connection with both aimed at improving health and wellbeing.

Tracy treated us all to a mini head and shoulder massage and it was an amazingly relaxing experience, we may have been sitting in an artist’s studio but I was so relaxed I could have nodded off even with the others chatting around me !

Having been made redundant late last year Tracy made the decision to pursue what had previous been a passion, she has such a calm and soothing manner and warm personality that is easy believe she was destined to be a holistic therapist.

Tracy’s business is Top to Toe Treatments and she can be found on Facebook.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography