Fifty Portraits

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Portrait No 12 – Emma, trader of antique & vintage treasures


It’s been a busy couple of weeks (with a lovely relaxing Easter break in the middle) so its taken me a little longer than expected to find time to blog the third of my three subjects from my little road trip the other week.

On my way back home from Cumbria I made a little detour into Lancaster to meet the very lovely – but unbelievably camera shy Emma. I have photographed lots of people that haven’t been too keen on being in front of the camera, but Emma was definitely the most reluctant and I think this image sums her up – happy to be hidden !!

Emma’s love of antiques & vintage goodies runs in the family, inherited from her Mum who she used to help on her stall on Portobello Road as a small child and now passed on to her own daughter who helps in the business when she can and also collects herself. Emma runs her business from her home which is an amazing treasure trove of beautiful items, there’s something gorgeous to be seen wherever you look and many of the items are likely to be sold and replaced, its an ever changing home. Just like the other vintage traders I’ve met for this project Emma didn’t have much choice about having a business, the only way to keep buying things she loved was to sell some of them !

Emma’s website is and you can also keep up with going’s on at Lavender House via her Facebook Page and I’m sure everyone will agree that she’s very lovely and really has no need to hide from the camera !

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


Author: Janet Broughton

Award winning lifestyle photographer working with horse owners, families and small business owners.

6 thoughts on “Portrait No 12 – Emma, trader of antique & vintage treasures

  1. Absolutely beautiful portraits! I really love seeing all of these. Emma may be camera shy but you have captured her so so beautifully! x


  2. Enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing. The photos are evocative and tender.

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  3. Really lovely to see the face behind the posts and the business! Makes it more personal and friendly! x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Another superb portrait Janet, the twinkle in Emma’s eye in the final one is very special. I hope the quality of these portraits serve to make her less camera shy in the future. Catch you soon! Dave

    Liked by 1 person

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