Fifty Portraits

at 50mm, of 50 people like me

Portrait No 9 – Joy, community artist



I’ve really struggled to select just two or three pictures of Joy to include in the post, we met in a lovely old orchard where Joy gathers willow for her chicken (and other) sculptures, I was so inspired by the location and Joy’s enthusiasm that I could have carried on shooting all afternoon!

Joy is a passionate artist and loves to work with recycled materials (often given by friends) or natural readily available (and sustainable) materials such as the willow she has been making her giant chicken family from. She is not only passionate about creating but also about sharing her knowledge, she draws on her background in teaching and runs classes to encourage others, especially children, to create rather than just consume.

DSC03600 DSC03553 DSC03546

I especially love Joy’s down to earth attitude to art, encouraging people she teaches to believe that “mistakes” aren’t important and should be embraced !

You can find Joy on Twitter as @joyladds to keep up with her latest creations.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


Author: Janet Broughton

Award winning lifestyle photographer working with horse owners, families and small business owners.

4 thoughts on “Portrait No 9 – Joy, community artist

  1. What a great artist she is and love the last comment.

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  2. Another triumph! Your work is getting so atmospheric! Thank you for sending my the images. Lynn

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  3. Fabulous photo, subject and location Janet. I get the feeling that there is a quirkiness to Joys work and you’ve captured this beautifully. The location looks very familiar, it’s not Wycoller by any chance is it? If not, it reminds me of it very much 🙂

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