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Portrait No 12 – Emma, trader of antique & vintage treasures

It’s been a busy couple of weeks (with a lovely relaxing Easter break in the middle) so its taken me a little longer than expected to find time to blog the third of my three subjects from my little road trip the other week.

On my way back home from Cumbria I made a little detour into Lancaster to meet the very lovely – but unbelievably camera shy Emma. I have photographed lots of people that haven’t been too keen on being in front of the camera, but Emma was definitely the most reluctant and I think this image sums her up – happy to be hidden !!

Emma’s love of antiques & vintage goodies runs in the family, inherited from her Mum who she used to help on her stall on Portobello Road as a small child and now passed on to her own daughter who helps in the business when she can and also collects herself. Emma runs her business from her home which is an amazing treasure trove of beautiful items, there’s something gorgeous to be seen wherever you look and many of the items are likely to be sold and replaced, its an ever changing home. Just like the other vintage traders I’ve met for this project Emma didn’t have much choice about having a business, the only way to keep buying things she loved was to sell some of them !

Emma’s website is and you can also keep up with going’s on at Lavender House via her Facebook Page and I’m sure everyone will agree that she’s very lovely and really has no need to hide from the camera !

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


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Portrait No 11 – Amanda, angel mystic

I’m just catching up on the portraits from my little trip last week, if you haven’t seen it already you really need to read my post about the strange things that happened when I was on my way to see Amanda in Windermere – you can find it here.

I’ve met Amanda once previously at a business event so I already knew how totally passionate she was about her business and how people can connect with their angels and ask for help and guidance. She explained that it was a gift she has always had and used in her own life but only felt guided to turn it into a business when she had to stop running a B&B. She lives in an absolutely beautiful location close to Windermere and has an amazing room with crystals, angel cards and other things that uses in her readings including the divining rods which I got to try.


Amanda offers various readings as well as development courses and has even published a book ! You can find out more about her at  or at her Mystic Moon Facebook page

(All images ©J Broughton Photography

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Portrait No 10 – Diana, cook, baker & B&B owner.

I’ve stayed at the wonderful Tythebarn House a few times when I was on a twelve month business development course and was over the moon when Diana volunteered for my project. On the website they have a slogan “Come as guest, leave as a friend” and it couldn’t be more true !

For me this image sums up the warm welcome, home made scones & jam in front of the wood burning stove – there were days when I’d been out in the cold all day and was so glad of this to warm me through!

Diana is a very passionate baker and cook, breakfasts are fantastic and as well as home made scones there’s always home made bread too. Diana’s passion for cooking also extends to a love of sharing her food and this is at the core of Tythebarn House Bed & Breakfast.

You can see more about Tythebarn House on the website and Diana also has a Facebook Page where she shares all sorts of food and local related info.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


Strange but wonderful happenings on the M6 !

I’ve been off on a little road trip for 50 Portraits ! Headed up to Windermere to meet an angel mystic then back to south Cumbria for a lovely overnight stay in a B&B and then called in at a vintage/antique supplier in Lancaster on my way home.

On my way up the M6 the oddest thing happened, so unusual it deserves a post of it’s own !

I set off for Windermere allowing a good twenty minutes longer than I needed, only to be told by the sat nav that the traffic was heavy, and boy was it heavy ! I joined a queue on the M6 that was going nowhere fast, the traffic news said two lanes were closed due to an accident, the sat nav decided I was over two hours from my destination which in reality should now have been around 45 minutes away. Over the next half hour I covered about three miles, never leaving first gear, more stop than go and just a little thankful I was on my own (hubby would have been doing the typical man in a traffic jam thing ie moaning, a lot). The travel news came on again with the same update, two lanes closed, long delays and I decided it was time to let Amanda, the angel mystic, know that I was going to be very delayed. So I sent a quick text whilst I wasn’t moving and a few minutes later came the reply, “Don’t worry I’m in all day – you need to ask the angels for help”.

Now I’m pretty open minded about these things but the thought went through my head that there wasn’t a great deal could be done by an angel ! I glanced to the side only to see a hearse with a coffin covered in flowers on its way up the hard shoulder passing all the traffic, now I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hearse on a motorway and I’ve certainly never seen one passing traffic before and it prompted me try the angels.

I’m not sure of the etiquette for asking angels for help, so I just asked, politely and out loud, could they kindly do something to improve the traffic, even if it was just a little bit. Lo and behold a couple of minutes later everything started to speed up and five minutes after asking I was speeding up the motorway at 70 again !!

So if you passed a grey Astra on the M6 mid afternoon yesterday, driven by a dark haired woman laughing and talking to herself – that was me, happily thanking those angels 🙂


Portrait No 9 – Joy, community artist


I’ve really struggled to select just two or three pictures of Joy to include in the post, we met in a lovely old orchard where Joy gathers willow for her chicken (and other) sculptures, I was so inspired by the location and Joy’s enthusiasm that I could have carried on shooting all afternoon!

Joy is a passionate artist and loves to work with recycled materials (often given by friends) or natural readily available (and sustainable) materials such as the willow she has been making her giant chicken family from. She is not only passionate about creating but also about sharing her knowledge, she draws on her background in teaching and runs classes to encourage others, especially children, to create rather than just consume.

DSC03600 DSC03553 DSC03546

I especially love Joy’s down to earth attitude to art, encouraging people she teaches to believe that “mistakes” aren’t important and should be embraced !

You can find Joy on Twitter as @joyladds to keep up with her latest creations.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography

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An Award Winner !

Anyone who follows my Facebook Page or keeps an eye on my website will know that from time to time I enter the Image of the Month awards with the Guild of Photographers. It’s something I do for my own self development rather than for competitive reasons although it did lead to me being awarded the Image of the Year for 2013, no mean feat with almost 10,000 entries !! (You can find out all about that here.)

Anyway, I digress !! I decided it would be good to enter something from Fifty Portraits and in particular something a little different from my normal entries so I decided to enter this portrait of Andrew who was Number 2 :


And I’m very pleased to say that it won an award which I suppose makes Fifty Portraits an award winning project !!