Fifty Portraits

at 50mm, of 50 people like me


Portrait No 2 – Andrew, Purveyor of Fine Vintage Menswear

I’m feeling rather pleased with myself to have managed to shoot two people this week for my project ! Andrew came to me via a friend suggesting my project to his partner and is exactly the sort of person I hoped this project would lead me to, someone doing something that is not only a passion but is also a little unusual.

Andrew has a fantastic vintage menswear business, grown from his own love of men’s vintage clothing and habit of buying vintage outfits its developed into a business where he sources high quality outfits and launders, presses and repairs them if necessary before selling at vintage fairs and online.

When I heard about Andrew’s business and saw his website I really hoped that he also lived his business and I certainly wasn’t disappointed when he answered the door in vintage attire !


Andrew’s thoughts on whether developing the hobby into a business has spoiled the hobby – some of the necessary business side can feel like a chore but he can’t imagine ever doing anything else (except maybe music!!).

Andrew’s website is and he is also on Facebook.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography



Portrait No 1 – Sara, Cake Maker

Here we are at last with Portrait No 1, or at least a short list of portraits for person number 1. This post comes with a disclaimer – I do not shoot white background portraits, I don’t usually like white backgrounds but this project is all about experimenting and having fun. Sara wanted to use the white background of her living room wall, I wasn’t keen and even said no at first but after we went to meet the chickens and came back in she asked again. It coincided with her relaxing and talking passionately about her business and her personality shone through so despite the white background one of them made the final selection.DSC02713

So as the title says Sara is a cake maker, she’s keen to start carving out a niche in 2014 by specialising in cakes for people with food allergies, ones that taste just as good as cakes that would trigger allergies. She keeps chickens too and uses their eggs in her cakes.


Sara’s business developed after a friends son wanted a very specific birthday cake that wasn’t available, Sara couldn’t stand the idea of him missing out so she made it and received such a great response that she found she was constantly being asked to make them. She went on to study and gain a professional qualification before officially launching Sara Cooks Cakes.

I’m keen to know whether people feel that developing a hobby into a business takes the pleasure away from the hobby. Sara says “I love doing it and can’t think of anything that I would rather do but I don’t do it for fun as much and I don’t have time to experiment as much as I would like. I’m too caught up in the doing and the business and don’t have time for the fun. But I still love it and I sing while I’m working”


Sara’s website is and she’s also on Facebook.

(All images ©J Broughton Photography


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Just a little (hopefully !) delay…

Well last week I was all excited and raring to go with a couple of volunteers ready to be photographed. Unfortunately both ended up not being available and this weeks been a little busy with people booking in for beginners photography training so I haven’t had chance to fit anyone in. So after what seemed like a fantastic start I now feel like I’ve stalled and its a little frustrating, I do expect this to be a long term project but I’m itching to get it underway !

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What a response !

Well its just a few days since I wrote my first post calling for volunteers, I shared that on Facebook and Twitter and with just a couple of days had thirteen willing volunteers with another three on standby that are just a little too far unless I happen to be in the area. I really expected to just have two or three subjects lined up and then be appealing for volunteers again once I’d photographed those – thirteen will keep me going for a good while !

I’ve such an interesting variety of businesses that’s its going to be such a pleasure to shoot and share, there’s a passionate cook with a B&B, a quilter, a baker, an angel mystic, a tiara maker, a vintage trader, a card maker, a community artist and a writer to name a few. Oh and of course there’s a photographer 😉

Next week I’m off to meet and photograph my first volunteer, a lady recommended by a client who has since become a friend. Completely unknown to me she ended being almost on my doorstep, in fact just a five minute walk away. What a small world !

I’m still recruiting volunteers, so please read the previous post and if you fit the bill and would like to take part you can contact me via my business website



A call for volunteers !

First of all a little about me, I’m a professional portrait & wedding photographer living in Bolton (that’s in the north west of England if you’re reading from elsewhere!). I’ve had my business a little over two years and won a number of national awards for my portraits in those two years. I’m also studying for a photography degree by distance learning. I probably don’t really have time for this project but its an idea that’s been buzzing around for some time and it just wont go away, so I’m taking the plunge and announcing it publicly but I’m not setting a time limit !!

So here I am ready to start shooting a long term personal project – to photograph fifty people, passionate about what they do, all shot at 50mm and all recruited by social media or word of mouth – and I need volunteers.

So if you aren’t too far from Bolton, have a business that stemmed from a hobby or a passion and would like to be photographed for the project please let me know. I need to photograph you doing whatever it is you do and it needs to be on a weekday. I’ll need to know a little about you and your business, but lets face it, your passionate about it so you’ll be happy to talk about it ! It will be very relaxed and informal, that’s the way I work, so need to panic about being in front of the camera. And I promise not to take up too much of your time.

As a thank you I will give you a digital file to use on your website and social media, you’ll be featured on this blog with a link to your own website, and you may possibly be on my Facebook page and business website too, again with links to your own site so there’s a bit of publicity in it for you too. Long term I’ve no idea what will happen other than it being on my blog, it would be nice to think it could go on show somewhere so I’ll need you to sign a permission form just in case.

There’s a little more background on the “About” page but if you think you may be interested pop me a quick email to and let me know what you do and where you are.

And now its fingers crossed I can drum up some volunteers….